Uniforms For The Wehrmacht – Dressing the German war machine

As I reached the sleepy small town of Bernau, it was late afternoon and the fog was moving in, so I was glad to find the barracks so quickly, I had not intended entering into the place on that afternoon just a quick look and find away in for a few days time, as it would be dark in an hour or so. Continue reading


Berlin’s beer brush


Very strange abandoned building in Berlin district of Steglitz. Continue reading

Industrial power of the nazis in Sachsenhausen


Notorious killing factory of the Nazi’s.

I had heard about the camp Industrial yard with its many Nazi workshops, also the fuckers was printing the perfect bank notes that they flooded England with. Continue reading

Cold war munitions bunkers – Sachsenhausen


In a forest near to Sachsenhausen concentration camp lay hidden the munitions bunkers of the Nationale Volksarmee. Continue reading

The haunted past of Beelitz-Heilstätten

I had heard so much about  Beelitz from other urban explorers, so it was a must do explore for me to do, as soon as I arrived at Beelitz in the distance was one of the large pavilions, it is just an awesome place to explore so many buildings. Continue reading

Hitler’s Olympics and The Olympic Village

Berlin 1936 Olympic Games 

Athletic festival held in Berlin that took place Aug. 1–16, 1936. The Berlin Games were the 10th occurrence of the modern Olympic Games.

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