Uniforms For The Wehrmacht – Dressing the German war machine

As I reached the sleepy small town of Bernau, it was late afternoon and the fog was moving in, so I was glad to find the barracks so quickly, I had not intended entering into the place on that afternoon just a quick look and find away in for a few days time, as it would be dark in an hour or so.

I saw a hole in the fence and couldn’t resist a quick look, walked around for about half an hour or so looking at all the buildings finding ways into them for another time, I didn’t stray of to deep into the complex as it was starting to get dark and most of these buildings looked the same,so I made my way back out before getting lost.

I returned to Bernau on a Sunday morning and walked up to the barracks, it was a very quiet the little Town was like a ghost town no one anywhere to be seen, at the barracks main gates I looked to see if the security guard was about and there was no van and the gates well locked plus the gatehouse where the guard hangs out was all locked up.

So I made my way in walking to the first building and result the door was not locked, had a good look around the buildings are in a wonderful condition, no broken windows or any graffiti in any that I explored, keeping of of the main road I went from building to building and they was all pretty similar.

I was making my way back to the entrance, and there was a sudden down poor so had to stay inside a building, till it stopped and that is where I found a big large stuffed bird in one of the rooms, hell knows what that was all about, also finding the stretchers against the wall.

I don’t know if they was from ww2 or the cold war era,  but it was a great explore and do need to go back again for another look soon.


The sub-camp of army clothing Office Bernau was built in the years 1939-1942 and between 1941 and 1945 by the German Wehrmacht used for production and storage of uniforms and army supplies. After the end of World War II, here was a replenishment and supply depot of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG). 


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