Inglorious Bastards – at Krampnitz Kaserne

Inglorious Bastards and Enemy at the Gates, was filmed here at Krampnitz, and you can see why it was a great film location.

The day that I explored the place, there was two security guard’s sitting by the gate’s, taking in the warm rays of the sun, there seems to be a lot going on in there with tree’s and stuff being cut down, and lorries going in and out.

Still I was here to look around the place, after walking past the main gates it wasn’t long before I found away in.

Trying to keep of the roadways  I made my way from building to building, and was not disappointed, as there was lots of Russian artworks painted and embossed into buildings, my biggest disappointment was not to see the famous Nazi eagle on the ceiling, there was a few buildings bricked up and well locked, the one I most wanted to get in had the security guard’s sitting yards from it so there was no chance.

Maybe next time when I go back as only seen part of the complex, think needs to be on a weekend then maybe no guards. this place as been used for The film Enemy at the gate’s, and Inglorious Bastards amongst other war films, so it’s a top ten explore in my book.


The site was used by the German army since 1937 when the cavalry moved its school from Hanover.

It was also used as a driving training center until the Russians took control of the area, taking over a day after the Germans abandoned it April 26, 1945. The 35th Guards Motor Rifle Division was then stationed there until its abandonment in 1992, after the Dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The whole complex consists of more than 50 buildings, most of which are apartment buildings and storage, though it also includes an officers’ club, a Tennis court, theater and more. It is rumored that movies such as Inglorious Bastards and Enemy at the Gates shot some scenes here.

This was another place high on my list of explores, and finally I got to explore it, the Kaserne is a massive place, the barracks is next to a small village between Potsdam and Spandau.


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