The Beasts of Beelitz – Heilstatten

Beelitz Heilstatten, should I go back again, why the hell would I want to even consider exploring that place again,  this place is probably the most creepy places that I have ever explored, with its banging windows and other noises, I have fucking nightmares about being inside these buildings.

Having a beer with a friend in Berlin the night before my return, we talked about Beelitz and how it is over flowing, with its history the former sanatorium, had some very special guests, on its lists, During October and November 1916, Adolf Hitler was treated at Beelitz-Heilstätten for a leg wound at the Battle of the Somme.

The other special guest was,  Erich Honecker and he was admitted to Beelitz-Heilstätten in 1990 after being forced to resign as the head of the East German government.

In 1989, the hospital was terrorized by serial killer Wolfgang Schmidt, “The Beast of Beelitz,” and I was told that he killed 5 women who he lured into the grounds of Beelitz, no fucking wonder the place is so creepy after having this lot of psychopaths staying here.

The day had arrived for my return, getting the train to Beelitz is about half an hour from Berlin, making plans on the way to which buildings to get into, there are so so many to choose from, but the ones that I needed to hack into was the locked up ones, they are locked up for a reason,so they are the better to explore.

Walking into the grounds my heart started pumping with adrenalin, fuck I was back to this place of nightmares again, no one around the place as I circled around trying doors windows, to get into these buildings can be a fucking nightmare, shit the only way in is through those service tunnels again.

The service tunnels connect to all of the buildings and you never seem to come out where you think you are, as I climbed through a cellar window and dropped into the tunnel the fear factor hit me  like a brick as its so dark and creepy down there, and the thought of not finding your way back out comes into your mind.

Turning on my torch, I make my way through the tunnel looking for a stair way to get up into a building, after walking for 5 minutes or so, I find a stairway and make my way up into a passageway , nice and bright with the sunlight shinning through the windows. Yes I was back in Beelitz for another look.

I made my way up to the top of the building, once there looking through a window, and seeing that I was not in the building that I thought I should be in, this place is a fucking maze and finding your way back out can be a fucking night mare, as there are so many flights of stairs and corridors, and going back in them tunnels is no fun, to get back out.

Walking around on one of the landings, I could hear noises coming from the lower floor, this did not bother me to much as these buildings are often creaking and windows banging in the breeze, walking around a corner near a door way I caught a figure out the corner of my eye, fuck it shit the life out of me, it was a figure of a zombie that had been placed there.

These locked up buildings have been used for, film sets for movies like The Pianist in 2002, the Rammstein music video Mein Herz brennt, and Valkyrie in 2008. as I looked around taking pictures, I heard foot steps walking about down below me, that was human foot steps walking about and not a trick of the wind or lost spirits,running around.

Making my way down the stairs and heading to where the sound was coming from, and all of a sudden a man walked around the corner, and seemed very surprised and shocked to see me there, as soon as he started mumbling those words in German,  Sie müssen gehen, es ist verboten, yes security guard had rumbled me, telling me to leave it is forbidden.

He was quite friendly about catching me in there and escorted me to a door that he unlocked and let me out, one good thing was I didn’t have to go back down them fucking tunnels to find my way back out, but I will return again sometime, the buildings are so enchanting.


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