Berlin Ghost Station – S-Bahn Siemensstadt

Ghost station siemensstadt, this was very simple explore, not much here to see really just walked through a car park up the embankment and was in, all the old stairwells had been bricked up and as I say not much left to see, but well worth a visit.


Simultaneously with the opening line of the Siemens train on 18 December 1929 was the S-Bahn city Siemens, whose colour was red, put into operation. He has basically the same through formation of the track and platform supporting structures such as the S-Bahn station Wernerwerk.The central platform is above the main artery Rohrdamm , the resulting single-track bridges cross the street with an intermediate support to 68 meters.

From here, the workers reached the main administrative building of the Siemens works, several large companies of Siemens Schuckert AG, the switching and the Dynamo factory and the old district of Siemens City and other cultivations.
Located a few meters from the train station is the only rectifier plant to power the Siemens train.

The northern station area – behind the trees is the rectifier plant recognisable (8 April 1983).

After the Second World War disappeared the entire route track 1 of Jungfernheide to Siemens city to the east due to reparations. It was not until the end of 1955, the DR the second main track back in and took the two-pronged operation on 15 July 1956 to Siemens city again.

The S-Bahn service was with the kingdom workers strike of September 1980 set and has not resumed.


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