Cold war spy station Teufelsberg

This place had been on my must explores for a good few years, but did not try it as I thought it was hard to get to.

One sunny December morning, l was planning going to another location near Spandau, but Thought to myself teufelsberg its now or never and had to do it, changing my exploring plans at the last minute, have bought me some good results in the past.

Reaching the Grunewald forest I sort of knew the way there by following a compass, walking for about half an hour through the forest I came to the foot of the devils mountain heading up and up I could see the station on top standing there in all its splendor.

As I got to the perimeter double fence,the station looked a lot smaller than I had thought, I had read that this place was well patrolled by some security, so I had a walk around the outside looking for away in, half way around,

l spoke to two other explorers looking for away in and they told me, they had been in there several times and knew there way around without getting spotted, anyway after a while we found a hole and entered into the station, I explored the station with the two lads.

They told me lots of interesting stuff about the place. and think there is away into the old building underneath the station, but was still trying to locate how to get in.

Climbing lots of stairways in the tower to the top was hard going, as I waked through a door way, the sight that greeted me was just wow, like being on top of the world, the wind was so strong up the top it would be so easy to fall if care isn’t taken, the view from the Tower is breath taking, such beautiful views over Berlin.


This abandoned NSA field station sits atop an 80 meter artificial hill in the Grunewald forest on the west edge of Berlin.

The hill has a noteworthy history: created from the post-WWII debris of desolated Berlin, it is higher than the highest natural hill (the Kreuzberg) in the Berlin area, believed to be created from the rubble of some 400,000 buildings. Buried deep within the hill a building still stands, once a Nazi military-technical college, it proved easier to bury the robust structure, than to blow it up.

For a time the hill served as a ski-hill, before it was re-purposed by as a “listening station.” Believed to be part of ECHELON, a global network of listening stations, the listening station was erected on the hill and run by the U.S. National Security Agency to eavesdrop on communist East Berlin.

To their surprise, they found that the local Ferris wheel, erected each year for the German-American Festival, helped relay signals and improve their listening efforts, and the US radio spooks asked if the wheel could be left up for a longer period.

The station was abandoned after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and though there were plans to resurrect it for commercial purposes, today it is a vandalised and abandoned shell. The station’s elevated platforms offer incredible views of Berlin’s skyline, as well as the nearby 1934 Olympic Stadium and Le Corbusier’s Unit√© d’Habitation.

Some say that the NSA built tunnels down through the mountain into the Nazi military-technical college, to serve as either an emergency bunker or escape route, however no evidence of this exists.




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