Abandoned DDR Swimming pool in Pankow

This was a very nice little explore, no security or fences to climb, not like most places I have been in Germany,

Walking past the building that was fenced I soon found a lose part at the end to squeeze through, walked up to the main doors that was conveniently open, and I was in there.

This was a typical DDR design building with its wavy looking roof and gold colour Windows,  this was just the place for a nice relaxed Sunday afternoon explore.


The swimming pool was built in 1971. They added the outdoor pool Pankow, built in the late ’50s with the help of Pankow citizens and on 9th July was opened in 1960 as “Berlin’s most modern swimming pool. 

The swimming bath is a building designed by architect Gunther Derdau who planned the hall as prototypes and implemented in several variants in Berlin. The swimming pool included a 25m swimmers pool, a 12 x 8.5 m large wading pool and a sauna in the basement. It enabled the citizens of Pankow in winter bathing and recreational pleasures.



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