Third Reich Eagles still Remaining in Berlin


This is the Bundesadler or the Federal Eagle, formerly the Reichsadler or Imperial Eagle.

Searching for the surviving Eagles of the Third Reich, as always been one of my  interests, and quite a few still remain today in Berlin. at the end of the second world war, the Russians destroyed most of the Eagles. over the years I have managed to track quite a few of them down. moor to come as I find them.


This is the head of the Eagle that once stood proud over looking Templehof Airport.


The U.S. Air Force returned it to the people of Berlin and since 1985 the part of the square where it stands has been called Eagle Square. this one was unique as it was holding a globe and not a swastika.


The Third Reich Government adopted the eagle as a national symbol (Hoheitszeichen), in common with previous German governments and several other European countries. Originally, the design was to show the eagle’s head facing to its right when used as a national symbol, and to its left when used as a Nazi Party symbol, but this convention was not always followed. The eagle’s claws were to grasp a wreath of oak leaves surrounding a swastika.

Most government and Party buildings, and some other architectural projects such as Autobahn bridges built during the Nazi period featured the Reichs Eagle Hoheitszeichen as a prominent decoration. In spite of a series of proclamations and orders from the Allied Occupation Forces in 1945-46, forbidding the wearing or display of Nazi uniforms or insignia, and ordering the removal of Nazi monuments, statues, and street signs, a number of these Reichs Eagles remain today (most are missing their swastikas, but not all).


Templehof Airport


The Deutsche Reichsbahn, also known as the German Reich Railway

1364473653854The Eagle outside Siemens works.


Berlin Olympic Stadium.


This is above the Tax office, of all places in Charlottenburg.







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