Wustermark Shunting Station

Wustermark Yard formerly called Wustermark shunting station, is a railway station in the district Elstal the community Wustermark in Havelland in Brandenburg west of Berlin.

The station opened in 1907, with attached depot was to the second world war, one of the largest and most modern marshaling yards in Germany. 

After the war, only half of the station remained in operation, the station remained important for the transport of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the GDR. After turning it lost its significance. The threat of closure was due to the acquisition by the Rail & Logistics Wustermark Centre (RLC), a subsidiary in 2008 Havellandisches Railway , are avoided. 

The station is also used by regional passenger transport, the access point transmits the name Elstal since 1999. A number of buildings from the time of construction of the station has been preserved and is a listed building.

I explored Wustermark marshaling yard in June 2013, the first thing that greeted me was the towering water tower, it was such an easy explore just walked into place,no security as I could see.

But I was in a building and a car pulled up outside,but after about 5 minutes it went away but there are a few buildings still in use by the D-Bahn, the Roundhouse is in very good condition and was well locked up but I found away in through a window, inside it as amazing old machinery left etc.

The water tower was also in great condition and also locked up well but there is a high window around the side that is open, a bit high but I could of got in there, the thing was it was swarming with mosquito’s at the time so didn’t bother, but it is a place I want to get in and see, so I will go back later this year when there is no mosquito’s about.


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