All out of Beer at the Bärenquell Brauerei

Explored Bärenquell Brauerei on a freezing cold day in March 2013.

This was such an easy place to get into, a big hole in the fence next to the main gates,the site is very big with plenty to see but sadly has been trashed and covered in graffiti, walking through the place it  looks like a film set from a zombie film.



The complex at today Schnellerstraße was erected in close proximity to the historic Ausflugsgaststätte New pitcher, as founded by Max Meinert and Kampfhenkel 1882 Borussia brewery.

1898 Borussia brewery was the Schultheiss brewery bought AG, who continued the location as a brewery Schultheiss, Division IV and extended. This was in addition to the narrow area between the Spree and former Berliner Straße (today Schnellerstraße) acquired additional land in the northwest. The abandonment of the site in the mayor composite was the supply of the Berlin region. 

In 1949 it was renamed the Schultheiss brewery Niederschoeneweide, 1954 finally VEB Schultheiss brewery Niederschoeneweide. Due to a Magistrate Decision of 26 March 1959, the six East Berlin breweries as legal entities with effect from 1 April 1959 resolved. It was replaced with the same effect, the VEB Berlin breweries and thus became the legal successor. The production facility Niederschoeneweide got new name bears source brewery.


After the end of the GDR from 1990 the THA the state-owned enterprise and privatized him as a bear source brewery Berlin GmbH with the product bears source Berliner Pilsener special. Finally, in 1991 acquired the Hessian Henninger Bräu AG the brand and led the production at the site Niederschoeneweide initially continued. 

1993, nor the Henninger Bräu AG a planning application would have some historic buildings to give way, which was rejected by Treptow with the reference to the monument for the. On 1 April 1994, finally, the production of beer was all set. Only the distribution of Henninger stayed a few more years at the site. The other producer of beer bear source was initially in Kassel , replaced Berliner Pilsener Special “Berlin” was there in the subtitle the word by “original”.


After Henninger increasingly ran into financial problems, ultimately itself from its competitors Hessian Binding Brewery was taken over, it sold the rights to bear source to the Brauhaus GmbH in Preussen Pils injection Walk . This produced it there as another mark next to the house brand Preussen Pils.

2006 Preussen Pils GmbH was established by Oettinger Brauerei acquired. End of 2008, this is a production in Pritzwalk, so that since 2009 no beer of brand bear source more is produced.


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