It looks like the end is close,for Spreepark – Kulturepark

Abandoned in 2001, the grounds of Spreepark amusement park in Berlin, Germany are littered with decaying dinosaurs, crumbling rides and overgrown roller coaster tracks. Since it shut down operations.

The park (which opened in 1969 and attracted 1.5 million visitors in its heyday) has attracted urban explorers and tourists, who scale its fence and defy trespass laws to photograph its weather-beaten ruins.

I said I would not go back, I was never going back, it was a fucking hassle the first time I was there,  all the security that they have in the park, sneaking up on you, on mountain bikes and patrolling around with dogs, its hard work getting about the place without getting spotted.

Just before returning to Berlin in June, I read that the Spreepark had been sold to the City of Berlin for 2million euros, and the plans are to remove all of the rides, and turn the 70 -acre park into a small family park. after hearing this news I just had to go back, and take another look around.

I made plans to go back to the spreepark at night time around about 7pm, as I thought the movement of the security, would not be so intense at that time, walking around the perimeter of the outside fence, I spotted them sitting with a dog near the main gate, after seeing this I made my way down to another part and climbed over the fence and was back in there again.

My heart was pounding like a fucking drum,sneaking around behind bushes and stuff trying to keep off the main pathways, to get to the old rides, my main goal was to get to the pirate ship again and hopefully get on to it this time without getting caught by the guards, as I made my way around the park, not very much had changed from 2 years ago.


As I made my way through I walked into a area that had loads of fucking bee hives with hundreds of bees flying around them, Do not remember them being there last time, I was out of there very fast.

When I arrived at the pirate ship ,it was just as it was before, with the swan boat rotting away next to it, making my way over the dodgy rotting bridge I was on the pirate ship.

I had reached my goal and was on the ship, it looks in good condition from the distance, but on board it was as rotten as hell, and you could easy fall through the rotting floor at any time, its a real shame about some of these beautiful old rides, there is still a  lot of charm in spreepark and soon it will all be lost forever.











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