The Eagle has flown from the Lion and Eagle barracks

Finding the Lion and Eagle barracks was very easy, after walking all around the outside of the damn place. I couldn’t find an easy way into it. so it was climb over the fence then wade through mounds and mounds of tangle weed and long grass for quite a while till reaching the buildings.

It was a stinking hot day and mozzies everywhere, the place was big with many buildings to explore, I had seen photos of the Lion statue and just had to find it on one of the old parade grounds, this place is a bit dodgy with open manholes in the long grass areas, it was bleeding typical hard to get in and found a very easy way out of the place.

The barracks Doberitz 

Also called Lion Eagle barracks – was built 1935-1940. It is bordered on one side directly to the huge military training area Döberitzer Heath. The western boundary, however, is the former Olympic Village, in the occasion of the Olympic Games in 1936, athletes from all nations were housed.

After the Second World War, the Soviet army entered the barracks. They used them until their withdrawal. Originally, the Bundeswehr (German Army) was planning a re-use. Shortly thereafter, however, it turned out that the entire area is contaminated and the renovation would cost enormous amounts. 

Already underway rehabilitation works were stopped. Since then slumbers the barracks. Because of the high costs of cleaning up toxins so far no other investor could warm up to the terrain.


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