Berlin Abandoned Spreepark burned down


A fire destroyed large parts of the remaining buildings at the abandoned theme park in Berlin, The buildings of a fake Western-style town was  completely destroyed in the blaze.

The park in the Plänterwald originally opened in the late 1960s in what was then East Berlin as Kulturpark, and then revamped as Spreepark, after reunification, the theme park closed in 2002 after the owner went bust.

After hearing the news of the fire, I was gutted, it was like an old friend, I just had to try to get back in the park to see it again, for maybe the last time, who knows.

As I arrived at the park in the early evening, I was greeted by the brand new green fence that they was putting up, not a cheap fence like what was there before, but a horrible one that has little prongs sticking out along the top, not very nice to try to climb over, that I can tell you.

Anyways as you can see I got back in and took some more photos, and was shocked to see the lake with the Swan boats and Viking ship, had been drained and some of the poor swans beheaded, and also the big wheel has been fenced off.

























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