Childrens Hospital Neukölln

Kinderkrankenhaus Neukölln

Not a great explore this one, I had to settle for looking around the newer building which was well and truly trashed, but still worth a look,so easy to get into just walk in of the street looks like they are ready to. start work on pulling the place down.

The old part I wanted to go was guarded but I will be back another time and will try my hardest to get into the main building.


The hospital was built in 1917 during the war by King Kaiser Wilhelm II. The first medical director of the hospital was Sigfrid Hammerschlag and was there until 1933. He had to give up his position because he was a Jew and Hitler didn’t want him there.

Afterwards the hospital was severely damaged during World War II and was rebuilt over the years. The second building or “new” hospital was built in 1969 next to the old one. After all the years being Berlin’s and Germany’s gem, it has been left to its faith since 2005 due to the bigger and newer hospital up the road.  


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