Childrens Hospital Neukölln

Kinderkrankenhaus Neukölln

Not a great explore this one, I had to settle for looking around the newer building which was well and truly trashed, but still worth a look,so easy to get into just walk in of the street looks like they are ready to. start work on pulling the place down.

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The Beasts of Beelitz – Heilstatten

Beelitz Heilstatten, should I go back again, why the hell would I want to even consider exploring that place again,  this place is probably the most creepy places that I have ever explored, with its banging windows and other noises, I have fucking nightmares about being inside these buildings. Continue reading

Great Expectations at the – Kinderkrankenhaus wissensee

The hospital looked like the Erie house in Great expectations, walking around the place on a cold December morning. Continue reading