The Heinkel bomber works

DSC_1280 (2)

On the 1st of May1935, the Heinkel works (GMBH) Oranienburg was formally established, for the mass production of the Heinkel He111 bomber.

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SS Guard house and shooting range

Not really much to say about this place there is not much information about it, but it maybe a listed area as it is next to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Initially, a shooting range for the SS was developed in March 1938. A barrack was build for the SS, as well as earthworks to stop bullets when it missed the target. Continue reading

Berlin off limits


In every city, every town are places sealed off from the rest of the world, hiding their amazing stories behind locked doors. Continue reading

No bread today at the Nazi Bakery


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Industrial power of the nazis in Sachsenhausen


Notorious killing factory of the Nazi’s.

I had heard about the camp Industrial yard with its many Nazi workshops, also the fuckers was printing the perfect bank notes that they flooded England with. Continue reading

Cold war munitions bunkers – Sachsenhausen


In a forest near to Sachsenhausen concentration camp lay hidden the munitions bunkers of the Nationale Volksarmee. Continue reading